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Polished brass is an unvarnished and hand polished finish that will gradually patinate with use and over time. The material age faster in direct contact with water and will develop highlights in frequently touched areas. Natural polished brass is a highly sophisticated material that can be brought back to its original lustre through maintenance and shining yet the most discerning clients let this “living” material continue to oxidize into a soft sunburnt tone, ideally with hints of beautiful Verdigris. Natural polished brass pairs with modern tap design in a truly distinguished manner.


Each component of our Aged Brass finish is hand-treated with a specialized solution to achieve a warm hue, resulting in a sophisticated light brown aged brass effect. This artisanal process ensures that every piece is unique, with natural variations in tone. Following the aging treatment, the metal is coated with a protective layer of wax to preserve the finish and enhance its durability. Over time, this finish slightly patinates beautifully, maturing into a mellow, heirloom-quality appearance that is both elegant and supremely versatile.


This organic oxidised texture is hand finished which gives each item a unique patina. With time and use the finish will continue to naturally evolve and frequently touched areas will develop beautiful highlights. The dark, close to black finish fits equally well with modern and transitional tap design.


This traditional timeless finish is appreciated for its durability and long-lasting shine. The colour slightly deepens over time yet with maintenance and cleaning Polished Chrome retains its lustre.


This elegant champagne-gray finish exudes a warm, tonal, and contemporary look. The durable and smoky satin texture makes water spots and smudges less evident. Satin Nickel deepens in color and tone over time, yet its resistant quality is very easy to maintain. This refined finish combines superbly with transitional tap design.


The rich Satin Black Nickel finish ​is achieved by hand-polishing black plated nickel down to a matt lustre. Its durable and resistant characteristic is easy to maintain with regular cleaning. This deep statement finish elevates hardware into prominence in any bath or kitchen environment.


Beyond its visual appeal, the gold metal finish exhibits exceptional durability and longevity. Engineered to withstand the rigors of daily use, the 24k gold surface is meticulously applied with advanced techniques, guaranteeing resilience against tarnish, corrosion, and wear. This enduring quality ensures that the faucets maintain their radiant splendour throughout the years, remaining a centrepiece of beauty in any kitchen or bathroom setting.

As for any polished finish the surface will suffer a reduction of clarity from repeated cleaning with abrasive materials and we advise the exclusive use of soft cleaning cloths to keep this finish looking immaculate.